Star Wars Clog Reveal

I know I said the 10th, but I got pictures of the birthday today!! Let’s celebrate by showing off these great clogs!

IMG_0401  These toes will make any fangirl squee, but these were made especially for icecoldpenguin!


Her mom told me that she’s the biggest fangirl EVER and that she had to have these shoes for her birthday! Mom suggested a good guy shoe and a baddie shoe.


Mom got lucky as the very week she ordered these; Star Wars #1 was released! Much to the happy happy dance of fans such as myself!




I was told Darth Maul is the favorite baddie! 




Each shoe features their enemy sited in the gun! It was so perfect!


IMG_0423 Finally, Wicket had to make an appearance with our good guys! Thank you Marvel for making these images more friendly for my particular art form!

Now, get yourselves over to Fangirl Next Door to meet our birthday girl and learn all you will ever need to know about Star Wars and Star Wars Fangirls!



Holiday Capt. America/Wonder Woman Reveal

Alright y’all; this is our first Marvel/DC mash-up! You wouldn’t believe all the fan-fiction that includes Capt. America and the lovely Wonder Woman! This pair was a gift from a gentleman to his girl. They spent the holidays in Brazil where she’s from! How very exciting!


I did a lot of pairing for this set. Each of our superheroes has a shield which was perfect for the toe. I was able to pair villains on the heels which looks amazing! Then the heroes themselves facing their nemesis!

IMG_0148  IMG_0149


These pair were really fun! By all reports she loves them and they look amazing when she wears them!

Doctor Who Holiday Reveal

DW3 Toes DW3 Heel These beauties were ordered by a mom and her son for their daughter/sister! That heel was painstaking work and looks amazing! I love the monster toes!

DW3 RSide Out DW3 RSide Arch This pair was a mix of images from the Visual Dictionary, Hubble Space, and plain old police boxes (or were they?)!

DW3 LSide Out DW3 LSide Arch

I can’t begin to describe the diversity in DW fans! They have repeatedly delighted me with their vision for individual pairs of shoes. I hope that I live up to the wonder of the Time Lord!

A Christmas Shoe




I had a blue suede just begging to be an Elvis shoe; when I saw these blue accented snowflakes and thought Oh Holy Christmas, Batman!


I didn’t want to cover the whole shoe as the suede is just beautiful! So I experimented with spot application. I was hoping that I could make the shapes flow and I think it came out beautifully!


Since I was playing with new elements…
I decided to play with some glitter! I stayed with the color scheme of the stickers and wrote it out!


I think they turned out nice! They’re on display at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy Austin; go check them out!

Ewok Reveal

So, I had some trouble getting the images on to the computer; but here we go!

2014-11-05 13.24.42
The story is set before we arrive on Endor with the Skywalkers.

2014-11-05 13.28.42 2014-11-05 13.27.41

The Ewoks head out on a journey to figure out what the Stormtroopers are and what they are doing here.

2014-11-05 13.30.49 2014-11-05 13.30.20

We meet some interesting creatures while the Ewoks take us on an adventure!

2014-11-05 13.31.53 2014-11-05 13.32.13
Then we end out tale right where we first met Ewoks in the movies!

I was so happy to do these! I can’t wait to do another!



Dr. Who Reveal…. Finally!

Finally; I reveal the Dr. Who shoes! It took longer due to a second wedding pair! I will show you both shoes in this post; thank you for your patience!!

IMG_1208[1] Our first bride wanted her “something blue” to include the Van Gogh art. With a visit to Redbubble we were able to make these toes!

IMG_1209[1] I have always loved the way Gallifreyan looks when “written”. So I added this to the heels: “To have and to hold from this day forward” and the bridal couple’s names. Glitter really made this pop!

IMG_1213[1] IMG_1212[1] IMG_1211[1] IMG_1210[1] For our first bride we have iconic images from the Dr. Who Visual Dictionary. I’m particularly fond of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and Pandorica.

IMG_1294[1]  IMG_1295[1]Our second bride wanted a more space/time travel theme for her Dr. Who. She ordered these to honor the way her fiance asked her to marry. We have the T.A.R.D.I.S. traveling over Hubble space images!

IMG_1296[1]   IMG_1297[1] Space continues on the toes with these beautiful galaxies! Our second bride loved the Gallifreyan on the first brides shoes so much that she had us do it for hers. We kept the to have and to hold from this day forward, but she requested “Batman and Wonder Woman” for the other heel in keeping with their wedding theme!

Best wishes to both our brides! May their love be eternal!



Star Wars on a Pink Pump

Your patience is extraordinary dear reader; now it shall be rewarded!

IMG_1201[1] IMG_1202[1]
Boba and Chewy are the only “faces” to make it on the shoe. The client wanted ships and there were only so many different kinds in this particular comic trade.

IMG_1204[1] IMG_1205[1]
These sides look pretty nice! I can’t wait to work on more ships!

The Death Star and Millennium Falcon decorate these heels! A TIE fighter and star destroyer round it out.

Here we have the TIE again and the Falcon! I can’t even describe how good they look in person!

It was an absolute delight to work on Star Wars shoes! I’ve been in love with the stories since childhood. Now I long for a Sith or Jedi set; or even a Sith vs. Jedi pair; oh the possibilities!!!