Necklaces ~ POKEMON

So the last post was an experiment…. (drum roll please!)100_3668

It was a total success! The necklaces are on sale at Dragon’s Lair Austin!

Yesterday we put our Pokemon series on sale! If you have Pokemon Fever (and who doesn’t); head over to Dragon’s Lair Austin and catch them! (Or give me an email shout out and we can ship Pokemon Fire

We know you have to catch them all! Jigglypuff is my favorite!! I still have a key chain that I “borrowed” from my brothers years ago!Necklace Pokemon Normal

Be sure to check out the Pokemon website for all things Pokemon! Necklace Pokemon Water

A special thanks to players for making such a wonderful community!



I’ve been playing around creatively and I hope you enjoy!


These have turned into necklaces. My first set and so I started with some variety! Star Wars (of course), Captain America, Dream (of the Endless), and Dr. Who.


The feedback has been nothing but positive and next week I hope to begin selling this set locally. After that I will be making so many more and hope to have some available on-line!

Aren’t they super cute!?

Index Card a Day Week 3

If you thought doodles and watercolor were fun; check out collage!

ICAD #15 2015 Route 66 15/61 Route 66, our prompt, is an iconic American highway. It was the first of it’s kind with an amazingly rich history!

ICAD #16 2015 Greeting  Card 16/61 Greeting Card. I actually had some greeting cards cut up in my box of collage images. So nice to actually use them!

ICAD #17 2015 Wabi Sabi 17/61 Wabi Sabi. I had to look this up and discovered it’s literally the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, a beauty of things modest and humble.

ICAD #18 2015 Treehouse 18/61 Tree House. If I had a tree house; it would be in this tree!

ICAD #19 2015 Snowglobe 18/61 Snow Globe. Diamond snowflakes, penguins, water, and adventure; all you need in a snow globe.

ICAD #20 2015 Color Wheel 19/61 Color Wheel. That background image is a car made of colored lights, thus it had to be included.

ICAD #21 2015 70s 20/61 70’s. Well I was born in the 70’s so I added the bit about age. 70’s had groove and disco balls; what more could a girl ask for?!

I hope y’all are enjoying the challenge as much as I am. It’s keeping me from being in my head too much during this flooding down in Texas. Thanks for staying with me!


Index Card a Day Week 2

Week 2’s theme was paints. I only have watercolor pencils and the paint I use for miniatures. I went with the pencils.

ICAD #8 2015 Grapefruit and Cherry Day 8: Grapefruit & Cherry are some of the yummiest fruits! I tried to create the floating in water effect that you see on commercials. Not too bad if I say so myself!

ICAD #9 2015 Lemon and Carrot Day 9: Lemon & Carrot also delicious. I stayed w/ a drawing of the actual produce. Honestly, it didn’t even occur to me to try something else until the next day….

ICAD #10 2015 Eggplant and Ginger Day 10: Eggplant & Ginger. I love these, and while an eggplant is easy to draw; the ginger kept coming out to lumpy and “fabricated” feeling. So I went abstract!

ICAD #11 2015 Mango and Lime Day 11: Mango & Lime. I hear lime and I think “Margaritas”! So I drew a tasty mango margarita and wished for the stuff to make one!

ICAD #12 2015 Kiwi and Parsnip Day 12: Kiwi & Parsnip. I start really playing around with the prompts and made a kiwi bird with my parsnips!

ICAD #13 Blueberry and Plum Day 13: Blueberry & Plum. I went online to get color ideas and to see if blueberry bunches were like grapes…. I discovered the most beautiful pie I think I have EVER seen! So I had to recreate it!

ICAD #14 Salt and Pepper Day 14: Salt & Pepper. There were a million and one ideas I could have done here. So many shakers, yin/yang, opposites….. I found a great image that sparked this!

I really hope y’all are enjoying the challenge. Try it out for yourselves!

Index Card a Day Week 1

I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I am having participating in this Index Card a Day Challenge!

Here are the cards I did for Week 1. The prompts were Drawing and Doodling (week) and Chevron, Carnival, Draw a Map, Mailbox, Owl, Taxi, & Periodic Table (daily).

Enjoy mine, start your own, and be sure to look up the #icad2015 to cheer us on!

ICAD #1 2015 Chevron I was unsure of my “art” or creativity skills so I stuck w/ a zentangle for Chevron.

ICAD #2 2015 Carnival I was delighted to find that other participants in the challenge also went with Carnival as a Brazilian or Mardi Gras sort of thing. I was worried there would be a lot of clowns, but there were Ferris wheels, elephants and a minimum of actual clowns!

ICAD #3 2015 Draw a Map There were so many great map drawings!

ICAD #4 2015 Mailbox The prompt “Mailbox” really created some great cards! Mailboxes, envelopes, stamps, bows all sorts of stuff!

ICAD #5 2015 Owl I went back to zentangle for “owl” because I love the tangle on the wings called PURK.

ICAD #6 2015 Taxi I had some help w/ taxi ideas. My SO suggested the meter!

ICAD #7 2015 Periodic Table I literally felt overwhelmed by the periodic table…. so I literally googled a quiz to find out what element I was! I am delighted to be NEON!

I do hope you enjoy these; please share and join; just get some creativity down on paper!

Index Card a Day

ICAD Badge

So, dearest readers, I am participating in the Index Card a Day Challenge! Check it out and get on board!

Daisy Yellow is my new favorite place. I found it on a google search for art journaling. I already collage and was looking for a way to incorporate that into my journals.

I will be blogging about the challenge, but don’t want to get in your inbox everyday. I’m posting daily cards on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, ello, DeviantArt, and Facebook (pick your poison). I will do a weekly line up here! Please join in the fun and creativity!

Happy Arting!

ICAD #1 2015 Chevron #icad2015

This daily prompt was “chevron” w/ a weekly prompt of “drawings and doodles”.