What are you able to put on shoes?

We can put anything made with paper. Extra creative? Challenge us w/ your ideas. We are up for the challenge! We are experimenting with other fun things… crystals, paint, scales, lizard texture…

Can we buy “just the shoes” without art?

Not at this time. We have phased out our base shoe and require that you provide a shoe that you adore.

Can I use my own shoes?

Yes you can! In fact, we encourage you to do so! Shoes that are unique and different can be lots of fun to design – so go crazy. Please keep in mind the shoes must meet certain standards – they have to be somewhat inflexible and “firm” in order to be the perfect surface for your art.

Can I bring in art I already own?

Yes, we will embellish shoes with art you bring to us. Please keep in mind the art must be legally obtained. (To be legal, the art must be purchased or otherwise obtained the way the owner intended to sell or distribute it. We won’t use image printed from the Internet or in any way “bootlegged.”) We love and respect the artists and comic/game/book creators and wouldn’t dream of using their art without paying for it. Get a $5 discount when you bring us the art to put on your shoes. We get excited about art that excites you!

How custom can I get?

However you like it! You can go from “don’t bother me with the details” (oh, just throw some Thor on a shoe and hand it over) to the caffeine-crazed OCD queen (ok, so use issue #6, page 4, top left picture of The Creature – put him on the left side of the toe and paint his pupils emerald green.) We love it all!! (We have a caffeine-crazed OCD queen on staff – as it happens – so you can’t scare us!)

What happens to art customers give us to put on shoes?

It gets put on the shoes. Specifically, it will be cut up and used on the shoe. It will not be returned to you.

How delicate are these?

Great question! Think of these shoes as jewelry or any other hand crafted artwork. They are for wearing out for a little while (a few hours), but not suitable for a full day of stressful wear. No tromping around at construction sites in the rain! They are somewhat delicate, as the materials aren’t rugged to begin with (paper and gloss, basically). Basic physics come into play when you adhere paper (stiff and flat) to the curvy surface of a shoe. The shoes can experience mild (almost can’t see them) cracks in the places where the shoes flex. This is normal – all comic shoes do this. We will touch up these little cracks for you, just contact us.

How long does it take for custom shoes to be made?

Once we receive your order, we should be able to complete your order in 2-3 weeks. In certain seasons (Christmas) allow 3-4 weeks.

Does Shoes a la Art attend events or do special showings?

We can, we will and we’d love to! Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.


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