Let Me Tease You

I know, I know; I haven’t revealed a shoe since the holiday….

Join me in a week or two and I will reveal the newest Star Wars shoe! I know you can’t wait; neither can I! But they are a birthday present and I would NEVER spoil a surprise!

For fun check out 6 Things You Don’t Know About Star Wars #1!

While you wait I will be working on another Dr. Who. What? The dude is uber popular!


Dr. Who?

Just so you know; I have yet to delve into Dr. Who myself. I’ll get there eventually. What I know of Dr. Who is pop culture references; maybe a bit more. I know he’s a Timelord from Gallifrey. I know his Police Box is actually the TARDIS; a time-space machine (?). I know he started on the BBC and now runs everywhere.

I don’t know why he wore a fez, or a scarf, or a bow tie. I don’t know his love interests. Or how he ended up in Pandorica; which I only know of because it’s beautiful.

I know to be terrified of weeping angels and that I find the Adipose totally hilarious. I know that no two Dr. Who fans are alike except in their passion for the Dr.

When I reveal the shoes this up coming week be aware that while I don’t know much; I know that a fan girl wanted them desperately for her wedding. She wants her “something blue” to be these shoes. I took the utmost care of her passion for the Doc and made a shoe that made her cry! (Which I told her to get out of the way so she doesn’t cry at the wedding!) I’m so happy that I made her happy and get to be a part of her big day!

Come on back for the reveal…

Star Wars Teaser

My love of Star Wars runs deep… since childhood. From Dagobah to Tatooine and The Huts to the Skywalkers; I am a fan girl.

When a client came and asked me to do a shoe I was a bit worried. The comic “faces” don’t always match the movie characters that people love and I want to make shoes that you adore! Imagine my delight when she said she wanted ships on her shoes!!!

What a delightful shoe! It’s almost done and I think you’ll like it! Millennium Falcon, Executor, the Death Star, and many others fit on the shoe; in the mean time check out the Wookieepedia! Anything you ever want to know about Star Wars can be found there!


We received our first manga shoe order!I have much less personal experience with manga than comics, tv, or movies; I read one manga out of Korea called Bride of the Water God. I admit it’s the most beautiful art that I read. So…. I had to go research manga in order to bring you a preview blog.
I have discovered a rich history and evolution; as you’d expect out of an art form begun in Japan. There is dispute about whether 12th century scrolls constitute the beginning of manga, but honestly we don’t need to go that far back for this intro. Let’s begin after World War II when modern manga began. The “father of manga” Osamu Tezuka and Machiko Hasegawa were at the forefront influencing the upcoming manga. Tezuka’s Astro Boy (U.S.) began in 1951 and Hasegawa’s Sazae-san in 1946. Astro-Boy remains immensely popular! Sazae-san; “Ms. Sazae” was a strong character and sold more than 62 million copies over the next 50 years.

By the 70’s manga had solidified into two main marketing genres, shōnen aimed at boys and shōjo aimed at girls. Shōjo had been written by men, but in 1969 a group of women debuted marking the first major entry of ladies into manga. Shōjo thereafter became drawn primarily by woman for audiences of girls and young women. I can’t even remotely touch on all that manga is or has become in the time between then and now; so I’ll settle for giving you some titles that are popular (and maybe familiar) and seem interesting.
Rurouni Kenshin is worth a look; and not just because it’s the shoe order! A former assassin becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan. Themes of atonement, peace, and romance are always good!

Naruto sounds interesting even though I have been avoiding it (popularity often runs me off; it’s a thing I’m working on). A giant, powerful fox attacks a village of ninjas. They seal the fox inside a new born Naruto. What a hook?!

My brothers will be pleased that Dragon Ball is on this list. I thought I’d at least put one that every one might recognize. Follow Goku as he trains in martial arts and searches the world for seven orbs called Dragon Balls. Whenever my youngest brother made me watch this show; I’d have the volume down and make fun of the angry faces. He’d laugh so hard. So give it a try!

One Piece is the best-selling manga series in history. When I asked my brother for his top five manga; it made the list. A pirate announces his treasure, the One Piece, is available for anyone who finds it and sets off the Great Pirate Era. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy as he builds the Straw Hat Pirates and searches for the One Piece.
So give those a try and get excited about the Kenshin shoes!

Intro to Dream

When I started working at Dragon’s Lair years ago they suggested that I start reading some other comics. Star Wars Legacy was my only comic at that time (it’s a considerably longer list now) and I asked for some suggestions. They asked what I like…. I said No capes! (I like my capes on the big screen.)They gave me The Sandman Vol 1: Preludes & Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman. I had already loved Gaiman from The Mirrormask; so I was totally game!Mirrormask Fanart by Chocolatita

I fell madly and deeply in love with The Endless; the dysfunctional siblings Destiny, Destruction, Death, Dream, Desire, Delirium, and Despair. I devoured that first volume and every one after it. Someday I’ll have that lovely Absolute set! The Endless by Frizelle

What I really love is all the varied mythos wrapped into the story. Cain and Abel, Lucifer and the other angels, Shakespeare and the Fey. All these wound into our universal consciousness via our Dreams. I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am to have a Sandman shoe! Thank you Crystal!

Hit the pictures for more DeviantArt!

Meet the Thundercats!

Taken from Thundercats #0; Wildstorm comics

Lion-O: The lord of the Thundercats. He’s a teenager trapped in the body of an adult due to a suspension chamber malfunction on the way to Third Earth. He never really grew up or learned to lead and so was sometimes brash; other times unsure. his maturation was the cartoon’s biggest arch.

Panthro: The Thunderian engineer. He built all of the vehicles and gadgets. He was not only the biggest of the cats, he was also the smartest! Of course, he could fight with the best of them and was often first to rush into battle.

Tygra: The Thunderian architect. He designed the Cats’ Lair. He was always quieter and more self-conscious than the others. He could use his bolo-whip to make himself invisible. He also had the power to make himself project psychic images. He was fast and agile; making him an excellent fighter.

Cheetara: The fastest of them all, Cheetara was the Cat who most resembled her namesake. She had psychic power, too: a sixth sense that sometimes allowed her to see the future. Set apart from 80’s cartoon heroines; she was a strong character and often saved the Thundercats from danger.

The Thunderkittens: The precocious teenage twins. Wilykit was the girl and Wilykat was the boy. They were both a little whiny at times, and immature even for their age. They avoided hand-to-hand combat; preferring to fly around on their hoverboards and using their bag of tricks to fight from afar. (And, as usual, now I want a KitKat!)

Snarf: Snarf was Lion-O’s nursemaid back on Thundera, and maintained a similar role when they got to Third Earth. He often still thinks of Lion-O as a young child and dotes on him like an overprotective mother. His heart was always in the right place, though. Snarf’s voice and attitude were misleading; he’s stronger and more cunning than you’d assume, and he proved himself in battle on many occasions.

Pumyra: Pumyra is quiet and cunning, being more like Tygra than any of the others. She got to stay with Tygra on Third Earth when the others went back to Thundera. She was the closest thing to a doctor in the group, having been a healer before the destruction of Thudera.

Bengali: Bengali was a blacksmith on Thundera, and his skills also proved invaluable once he arrived on Third Earth. He was able to reforge the Sword of Omens with his powerful Hammer of Thundera. The youngest of the adult Thundercats, he is sometimes too impulsive for his own good.

Lynx-O: The wisest living Thundercat, the others will often turn to him for advice or knowledge of old Thundera. Although totally blind, Lynx-O’s other senses are much more acute than any of the others. These skills – coupled with his light shield, which can fire beams of blinding light – make him more than capable of holding his own in battle.

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