I wonder how the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis feel about the one Mrs. Clinton?

Love Margaret’s reply!

Margaret and Helen


Margaret, I wish there was a word to adequately describe Donald Trump. For the first time, I regret calling Sarah Palin a bitch. Not because she isn’t – she is and so am I – but because I realize now the power of that word. It concerns me that we have a word like bitch – which seems to fit so perfectly for Sarah and for me – and yet we don’t have the equivalent word to describe a man like Trump. Donald Trump is a…

Asshole? Yes. But that’s almost a compliment for him and is certainly not gender specific.

Fat ass? Well, sure. But then again, so am I.

Jackass? You bet. But even that lacks the gender clarity that bitch has.

Considering everyone actually has an ass, I don’t think that word is going to pass muster for a good descriptor for Trump. We could…

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