Index Card a Day Week 2

Week 2’s theme was paints. I only have watercolor pencils and the paint I use for miniatures. I went with the pencils.

ICAD #8 2015 Grapefruit and Cherry Day 8: Grapefruit & Cherry are some of the yummiest fruits! I tried to create the floating in water effect that you see on commercials. Not too bad if I say so myself!

ICAD #9 2015 Lemon and Carrot Day 9: Lemon & Carrot also delicious. I stayed w/ a drawing of the actual produce. Honestly, it didn’t even occur to me to try something else until the next day….

ICAD #10 2015 Eggplant and Ginger Day 10: Eggplant & Ginger. I love these, and while an eggplant is easy to draw; the ginger kept coming out to lumpy and “fabricated” feeling. So I went abstract!

ICAD #11 2015 Mango and Lime Day 11: Mango & Lime. I hear lime and I think “Margaritas”! So I drew a tasty mango margarita and wished for the stuff to make one!

ICAD #12 2015 Kiwi and Parsnip Day 12: Kiwi & Parsnip. I start really playing around with the prompts and made a kiwi bird with my parsnips!

ICAD #13 Blueberry and Plum Day 13: Blueberry & Plum. I went online to get color ideas and to see if blueberry bunches were like grapes…. I discovered the most beautiful pie I think I have EVER seen! So I had to recreate it!

ICAD #14 Salt and Pepper Day 14: Salt & Pepper. There were a million and one ideas I could have done here. So many shakers, yin/yang, opposites….. I found a great image that sparked this!

I really hope y’all are enjoying the challenge. Try it out for yourselves!


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