Index Card a Day Week 1

I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I am having participating in this Index Card a Day Challenge!

Here are the cards I did for Week 1. The prompts were Drawing and Doodling (week) and Chevron, Carnival, Draw a Map, Mailbox, Owl, Taxi, & Periodic Table (daily).

Enjoy mine, start your own, and be sure to look up the #icad2015 to cheer us on!

ICAD #1 2015 Chevron I was unsure of my “art” or creativity skills so I stuck w/ a zentangle for Chevron.

ICAD #2 2015 Carnival I was delighted to find that other participants in the challenge also went with Carnival as a Brazilian or Mardi Gras sort of thing. I was worried there would be a lot of clowns, but there were Ferris wheels, elephants and a minimum of actual clowns!

ICAD #3 2015 Draw a Map There were so many great map drawings!

ICAD #4 2015 Mailbox The prompt “Mailbox” really created some great cards! Mailboxes, envelopes, stamps, bows all sorts of stuff!

ICAD #5 2015 Owl I went back to zentangle for “owl” because I love the tangle on the wings called PURK.

ICAD #6 2015 Taxi I had some help w/ taxi ideas. My SO suggested the meter!

ICAD #7 2015 Periodic Table I literally felt overwhelmed by the periodic table…. so I literally googled a quiz to find out what element I was! I am delighted to be NEON!

I do hope you enjoy these; please share and join; just get some creativity down on paper!


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