Dream softly, purely and fiercely


Dream softly, purely and fiercely

friday fictioneers: Douglas M. MacIlroy friday fictioneers: Douglas M. MacIlroy

A dream. Waking up unfazed and gliding softly through the hardened snow.

To dream. Walking steady in a land that is mired deep in its coldness.

Seeking a dream. Fuzzy, hazy reverie envelops the body. Where to go and what path to seek? The shimmering shining lights up ahead can only provide so much guidance.

To pierce a dream. Reaching out of our cocooning womb that provides a false safety net. The wind blows fiercely and the antidote to our misery lies somewhere in the dome of our aspirations.

Seek and you shall find.

Dream softly, purely and fiercely.


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Shameless Birthday Wish!

I’m shamelessly asking for shoes for my birthday (April 16th). I’m going to be 40 (I, know, right?!) and I’d like shoes I can wear after putting my art on them. These yellow are begging for Lanterns!

If you want to buy me a pair (any like the style above are great); Clog Outlet is the way to go! Size 8.5 (9 if they scream “bethany” to you) like these Pink ones!Sanita Flexible Closed-Back Pearl Pink Pearlized Patent

PU or Polyurethane has to be in the description in order to lay the art down. They have a “deals” tab for even better prices. If you don’t know my addy, jut ask me!

I appreciate you thinking about me!