Check out My Sister!

Hey my dearest fans! My sister just started her Mary Kay business! If great products to pamper yourself are your thing AND you want to help empower women… Please check out her site and shoot her an email!  ayarbrough6@marykay


Star Wars Clog Reveal

I know I said the 10th, but I got pictures of the birthday today!! Let’s celebrate by showing off these great clogs!

IMG_0401  These toes will make any fangirl squee, but these were made especially for icecoldpenguin!


Her mom told me that she’s the biggest fangirl EVER and that she had to have these shoes for her birthday! Mom suggested a good guy shoe and a baddie shoe.


Mom got lucky as the very week she ordered these; Star Wars #1 was released! Much to the happy happy dance of fans such as myself!




I was told Darth Maul is the favorite baddie! 




Each shoe features their enemy sited in the gun! It was so perfect!


IMG_0423 Finally, Wicket had to make an appearance with our good guys! Thank you Marvel for making these images more friendly for my particular art form!

Now, get yourselves over to Fangirl Next Door to meet our birthday girl and learn all you will ever need to know about Star Wars and Star Wars Fangirls!


Walk in Another’s Shoes

Met these lovely ladies at #staple2015! I’m sorry I had to miss “Walk in Another’s Shoes”!

I know we disagree                     Using our imagination

We’re different, you & me         Being in the other’s situation

Each with our own objective     A new lesson can be learned

Seeing our own perspective     A broader horizon earned

1 group shot The Rouletters stepped out in shoes that expressed who they were–at least for this event.1.1 group shot For the first time in the history of the Austin Writers Roulette, they posed for the group picture with just their shoes.1.3 group shotTheir most dramatic pose came reflected in a mirror they’ve ignored for the past two years.2 bartender's shoesTheir most rockstar bartender agreed to show off her footwear, comfy sneakers with bold yellow stripes, reminiscent of lightning bolts.  Very apt for her enthusiastic running around.2.1 tres Cuba LibresThe theme drink for the event was a Cuba libre.
3 host's shoes The host, Teresa Y. Roberson, welcomed everyone to Daylight Savings Day, International Women’s Day and the show.4 Stephanie Stephanie Webb, the inspiration for this month’s theme, wore…

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It finally happened: I have a pink Taser and I know how to whistle

I also would like a pink taser. Then I can get a pink coat to match!


It finally happened: I have a pink Taser and I know how to whistle

Year upon year, I always put “pink taser” on my Christmas wish list. No one ever gets me one because they are afraid that I would indeed use it. Even more important to them is that they are afraid that I would use it on them. So, loved ones just don’t even bother to take seriously my desire to have a nice pink taser that would match my pink laptop and coat.

Yesterday, however, it finally happened. I have been having some really hard days as of late. I was a bit down in the mornings although still very much my “sunny” on the outside self. I laugh, giggle and joke around. However, I am tired from all the loud fights that occur at 3am across the yard and across the street. Yes, that is…

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Let Me Tease You

I know, I know; I haven’t revealed a shoe since the holiday….

Join me in a week or two and I will reveal the newest Star Wars shoe! I know you can’t wait; neither can I! But they are a birthday present and I would NEVER spoil a surprise!

For fun check out 6 Things You Don’t Know About Star Wars #1!

While you wait I will be working on another Dr. Who. What? The dude is uber popular!