Star Wars on a Pink Pump

Your patience is extraordinary dear reader; now it shall be rewarded!

IMG_1201[1] IMG_1202[1]
Boba and Chewy are the only “faces” to make it on the shoe. The client wanted ships and there were only so many different kinds in this particular comic trade.

IMG_1204[1] IMG_1205[1]
These sides look pretty nice! I can’t wait to work on more ships!

The Death Star and Millennium Falcon decorate these heels! A TIE fighter and star destroyer round it out.

Here we have the TIE again and the Falcon! I can’t even describe how good they look in person!

It was an absolute delight to work on Star Wars shoes! I’ve been in love with the stories since childhood. Now I long for a Sith or Jedi set; or even a Sith vs. Jedi pair; oh the possibilities!!!



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