Dr. Who?

Just so you know; I have yet to delve into Dr. Who myself. I’ll get there eventually. What I know of Dr. Who is pop culture references; maybe a bit more. I know he’s a Timelord from Gallifrey. I know his Police Box is actually the TARDIS; a time-space machine (?). I know he started on the BBC and now runs everywhere.

I don’t know why he wore a fez, or a scarf, or a bow tie. I don’t know his love interests. Or how he ended up in Pandorica; which I only know of because it’s beautiful.

I know to be terrified of weeping angels and that I find the Adipose totally hilarious. I know that no two Dr. Who fans are alike except in their passion for the Dr.

When I reveal the shoes this up coming week be aware that while I don’t know much; I know that a fan girl wanted them desperately for her wedding. She wants her “something blue” to be these shoes. I took the utmost care of her passion for the Doc and made a shoe that made her cry! (Which I told her to get out of the way so she doesn’t cry at the wedding!) I’m so happy that I made her happy and get to be a part of her big day!

Come on back for the reveal…


Star Wars Teaser

My love of Star Wars runs deep… since childhood. From Dagobah to Tatooine and The Huts to the Skywalkers; I am a fan girl.

When a client came and asked me to do a shoe I was a bit worried. The comic “faces” don’t always match the movie characters that people love and I want to make shoes that you adore! Imagine my delight when she said she wanted ships on her shoes!!!

What a delightful shoe! It’s almost done and I think you’ll like it! Millennium Falcon, Executor, the Death Star, and many others fit on the shoe; in the mean time check out the Wookieepedia! Anything you ever want to know about Star Wars can be found there!


I apologize for being gone so long! I have been working on two shoes… Star Wars and Dr. Who!

I have also been getting ready for the upcoming Holiday season. Yeah, I know; I don’t want to think about it either.

While I prep my Star Wars and Whovian Intros keep this in mind:

Halloween orders need to be in by October 10th to guarantee you Trick o’ Treat in style! Some comics you might want to put on your shoes (other than traditional monsters) include American Vampire, The Walking Dead, 30 Days of Night, Crossed, Locke & Key, or many others!

And we have a deadline for Christmas order too! December 5th is your last chance to get the perfect gift for yourself or your friends!

Shoot me an email shoesalaart@gmail.com and we’ll get your Holidays off to an art-tastic beginning!

The People of Walmart Thing

Shoes a la Art totally supports this amazing idea!

Dances With Fat

WTFI saw yet another person on FaceBook post a picture of a fat woman, likely taken without her consent, and used soley to make fun of her with the note: “I know it’s wrong but I had to post it.” And, when called out, the further justification of “I know it makes me a bad, terrible, awful human being” but no move to delete the post.  Fuck a bunch of that.  Even if someone was holding a gun to this person’s head they still didn’t “have to” post it.  There is nothing wrong with the people in these pictures – there are very serious issues with the choice to post them, and trying to justify it is far worse.  This is bullying and it’s not ok.  So I’m reposting this piece about it:

You know the pictures.  People in Walmart, or wherever, very often fat people (EDIT:  I missed an…

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