The Endless Revealed

The Endless Toes

Dream is our main character, but Death is a fan favorite!

The Endless Desire

Desire had to have her appearance on the shoe!

The Endless Despair Destiny Delirium

Despair, Destiny, and Delirium (she’s my favorite!) make a beautiful side.

The Endless Dream Faceoff  The Endless Dream Mask

These are on a heel in a format similar to an image in the comic itself. The fates have punished Dream and he’s about to renew himself.

The Endless Action Heel Destiny  The Endless Action Heel Delirium

The Endless Action Heel Despair  The Endless Action Heel Death

Each sibling has a sigil. We decided to put them on the action heel! I had to create a few of the images myself since they were so tiny in the comic!

The Endless Sides (2)The Endless Sides


Some sidekicks deserved space so we have Goldy, Daniel (peeking), Lucifer and his servant, Cain and Abel, The Corinthian, Puck, & Lucian and Merv. There are so many more that would look great on a shoe!

I hope you enjoy The Endless as much I have; both reading an on this delightful shoe!


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