Thundercats Revealed

Dearest loyal fans… I finally give to you Thundercats!

There is a disclaimer… At this point men’s shoes are for art only and not for wearing! I have yet to find a men’s shoe that is stiff enough to take the process and still be worn. If you want men’s shoes for display only; I’m more than happy to make them. If you want men’s shoes for wearing; I am still working on finding the right shoe for my work.


IMG_0739[1] IMG_0744[1]

Look at Lion-O and Pantro! They made these toes look great!


IMG_0741[1] This actually lined up in a cool way! Lion-O is on the toe, a totally separate image of the Sword of Omens is on the side toe, and pointing at Mumm-Ra! I didn’t plan that!

IMG_0740[1] Many images had to be built due to the size of the shoe (15)! Thundercats logo (above) and the signature call to battle, the faces, and the Thunderkittens (below) were all built by me.



Wily-Kit and Wily-Kat just had to make it on to the shoe!

IMG_0742[1]  What are our cats without the villains?! Mumm-Ra had a feature spot, but I had to include Slithe, Monkian, and Vultureman (not visible).

I do hope y’all enjoy the Thundercats as much as I do! I loved them as a child and I’m so appreciative of Lisa for having me put them on a shoe for her man!




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