Meet the Thundercats!

Taken from Thundercats #0; Wildstorm comics

Lion-O: The lord of the Thundercats. He’s a teenager trapped in the body of an adult due to a suspension chamber malfunction on the way to Third Earth. He never really grew up or learned to lead and so was sometimes brash; other times unsure. his maturation was the cartoon’s biggest arch.

Panthro: The Thunderian engineer. He built all of the vehicles and gadgets. He was not only the biggest of the cats, he was also the smartest! Of course, he could fight with the best of them and was often first to rush into battle.

Tygra: The Thunderian architect. He designed the Cats’ Lair. He was always quieter and more self-conscious than the others. He could use his bolo-whip to make himself invisible. He also had the power to make himself project psychic images. He was fast and agile; making him an excellent fighter.

Cheetara: The fastest of them all, Cheetara was the Cat who most resembled her namesake. She had psychic power, too: a sixth sense that sometimes allowed her to see the future. Set apart from 80’s cartoon heroines; she was a strong character and often saved the Thundercats from danger.

The Thunderkittens: The precocious teenage twins. Wilykit was the girl and Wilykat was the boy. They were both a little whiny at times, and immature even for their age. They avoided hand-to-hand combat; preferring to fly around on their hoverboards and using their bag of tricks to fight from afar. (And, as usual, now I want a KitKat!)

Snarf: Snarf was Lion-O’s nursemaid back on Thundera, and maintained a similar role when they got to Third Earth. He often still thinks of Lion-O as a young child and dotes on him like an overprotective mother. His heart was always in the right place, though. Snarf’s voice and attitude were misleading; he’s stronger and more cunning than you’d assume, and he proved himself in battle on many occasions.

Pumyra: Pumyra is quiet and cunning, being more like Tygra than any of the others. She got to stay with Tygra on Third Earth when the others went back to Thundera. She was the closest thing to a doctor in the group, having been a healer before the destruction of Thudera.

Bengali: Bengali was a blacksmith on Thundera, and his skills also proved invaluable once he arrived on Third Earth. He was able to reforge the Sword of Omens with his powerful Hammer of Thundera. The youngest of the adult Thundercats, he is sometimes too impulsive for his own good.

Lynx-O: The wisest living Thundercat, the others will often turn to him for advice or knowledge of old Thundera. Although totally blind, Lynx-O’s other senses are much more acute than any of the others. These skills – coupled with his light shield, which can fire beams of blinding light – make him more than capable of holding his own in battle.

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