Autistic people need diagnosis, not denial

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On Being Good

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t preoccupied with my own goodness . Am I good? Am I good? But am I good enough? Good is a word that children hear early and often. A child probably …

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Mourning a Hero

I figured with the amount of celebrity loss this year I’d be inoculated against the grief of any more, but I’m devastated. Carrie Fisher is dead.


As Leia, Carrie changed the word “princess” from an insulting curse word to something of value. No singing in the woods for this princess; no meek following of male will, no being in the shadows while others do her bidding. All things I hated about the word princess; all things Disney (& others) taught me were important for females.


Carrie is the first “girl power” I can remember. She looked equally fabulous in a dress or cold weather gear & could wield a gun in either attire. Leia was powerful & Carrie was the woman who brought her to life.


Star Wars is nothing without this princess. Without her the hero never gets his quest & remains a moisture farmer. Without Leia; Old Ben dies alone on Tatooine. She shows a rogue smuggler that he can be a hero & expects nothing less. If she’s a typical princess; the Empire wins & Vadar never gets redemption.

Does this princess sit back & take it when her home planet & all she loves is destroyed? Does she wallow in self pity when her man is taken from her? No. She continues to sabotage the Empire at every turn. She dresses as the bounty hunter Boushh to rescue her man. Even seemingly defeated by the biggest worm we’ve ever seen (Jabba the Hut if you aren’t a fan) & wearing the most ridiculous of outfits; she kills her captor w/ the very chain he’s imprisoned her with. Carrie’s Leia is my original warrior princess; the epitome of bad ass.


Carrie brought her real bad ass-ness to the character. She was the real warrior behind the princess. Her public battle with mental illness let me know I’m not alone in my struggle. She let me know that I can be less than perfect and still be an amazing person & advocate for myself and others. Her fight for women is my fight & I feel more alone in that fight today than I did last week.

Thank you to an amazing, strong, funny, & beautiful person. Especially for teaching me that no matter how outlandish my hair, my outfit, or my surroundings; I can still be courageous and heroic.

May you and your mother rest in peace.


If you’re in the Austin area; be sure to visit the memorial for Carrie at Dragon’s Lair. They’re allowing for flowers, trinkets, donations, etc. to honor Carrie at this memorial.


Black Friday

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I wonder how the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis feel about the one Mrs. Clinton?

Love Margaret’s reply!

Margaret and Helen


Margaret, I wish there was a word to adequately describe Donald Trump. For the first time, I regret calling Sarah Palin a bitch. Not because she isn’t – she is and so am I – but because I realize now the power of that word. It concerns me that we have a word like bitch – which seems to fit so perfectly for Sarah and for me – and yet we don’t have the equivalent word to describe a man like Trump. Donald Trump is a…

Asshole? Yes. But that’s almost a compliment for him and is certainly not gender specific.

Fat ass? Well, sure. But then again, so am I.

Jackass? You bet. But even that lacks the gender clarity that bitch has.

Considering everyone actually has an ass, I don’t think that word is going to pass muster for a good descriptor for Trump. We could…

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Necklaces ~ POKEMON

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